What is Green Cleaning?

Are you, your children and pets safe?

The Average American Uses about 25 Gallons of "TOXIC , "HAZARDOUS" Chemical Products per year in their Home... A Major Portion Of These Can Be Found In Household Cleaning Products. (Source: Prosperity Without Pollution, by Joel S. Hirschorn and Kirsten V. Oldenburg, 1991). Our systems are the safest and most efficient means of cleaning, for they do not use any chemicals, suspect solvents, cancer-causing chlorine, germicides, pesticides or herbicides. Our systems can be used to kill Staphylococci, Fungi, Molds, Dust Mites, Ecoli and many other deadly microbes. 

Traditional cleaning solutions have harmful chemicals. These chemicals often do more harm then good. Sanitall uses a chemical-free, dry steam vapor system that change the way we clean, creating a clean and safe enviorment for your family, friends, pets and community.

Sick Home/Building Syndrome

"You can develop life threatening diseases by continuing to live or work in a home or building where you may be sensitive to chemical substances, toxic mold, fungi, and other airborne pathogens. Although you may not be able to see, smell, or feel the molecules of dirty air infiltrating your lungs and body, sick buildings harbor dangerous pathogens that you are inhaling with every breath and clinging to the largest organ on your body - your skin. One of the most deadly pathogens is the highly toxic mold, Stachybotrys, that produces microtoxins Another is formaldehyde from new office furniture that is outgassing the fumes. Working in a sick building with or without symptoms may eventually lead to life threatening or crippling diseases". (Source: http://www.presenting.net/sbs/sbs.html). The best way to effectively combat these deadly microtoxins is through the use of moist heat. In order to sterilize, hospitals use an autoclave which is generally 121oC with pressure of 15psi for approximately for 15 minutes . With the use of hot moist heat and temperatures exceeding 270F the higher pressure and heat of the vapor cleaning method will reduce the time to kill pathogens. Rid your buildings of disease by using our 100% chemical free cleaning systems.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Complaints may come from workers in one specific room or zone, or they may come from employees throughout a building. One report cited by EPA says up to 30 percent of new and remodeled buildings worldwide may prompt excessive complaints related to lousy indoor air quality. "Sick building syndrome probably originated as a result of the oil embargoes that began in the mid-1970s," reports the journal Archives of Environmental Health. Buildings erected after that increasingly were built "tight" – with windows that couldn’t open, for instance – to conserve energy. An unexpected consequence: Fungi became trapped indoors, along with chemicals released from cleaning products, ozone from photocopiers, pesticides sprayed by the exterminator, fumes from new carpets, and secondhand cigarette smoke drifting indoors from the ventilation system. Click here to read more.

Green Cleaning In Our Schools

What is good enough for our children at school should be practiced at home. In NYS, legislation has been implemented that protects children, teachers and all school personnel from toxic cleaning products. New York state schools are mandated to use healthy and green cleaning products. 

To learn more about Green Cleaning in our schools go to greencleaning.ny.gov

Toxic Mold Destroys Both Your Home and Your Health!

Most people "believe that as long as they do not see visible signs of mold, that is, patches of green, blue, or black discoloration on surfaces, their environment is free of contamination. What they don't realize, however, is that large accumulations of [hidden or concealed] mold may be growing in areas that they cannot see, like air ducts, remote attic or basement spaces, or wall cavities. Left to multiply, these infestations may produce enough organic compounds to cause allergic reactions, sickness and, in extreme cases, death (a possibility with infants)," Edward R. Lipinski, "HOME CLINIC: The Battle Against Mold and Mildew," N. Y. TIMES, 9/12/99. "Fifty percent [50%] of homes contain problem molds. A new medical study attributes nearly 100% of chronic sinus infections to mold. A 300% increase in the asthma rate over the past 20 years has been linked to molds," as reported in USA WEEKEND, Dec. 3-5, 1999. Click here to learn more about Mold. The only way to effectively and safely destroy these toxic molds is through the use of 'dry steam'. Protect your self from mold by our Vapor Systems. 

Reduces Allergies and Respiratory Ailments

We are continually exposed to germs, viruses, and the residue from millions of very small creatures called dust mites. These tiny organisms live everywhere we do and inundate our clothes, bedding, carpets and upholstery. Contemporary research has shown that the excrement from these tiny creatures play a major role in many respiratory problems and indoor air pollution. The best way to effectively combat their presence is through the use of 'dry steam', the temperature of which is the most innovative way to destroy them. Our Sanitizing Systems are uniquely beneficial for those who suffer from such situations.

Microscopic Killers: Dust Mites

"Dust mites are tiny animals you cannot see. Every home has dust mites. They feed on skin flakes and are found in mattresses, pillows, carpets, upholstered furniture, bedcovers, clothes, stuffed toys, and fabric or other fabric-covered items. Body parts and feces of dust mites can trigger asthma in individuals with an allergic reaction to dust mites. Exposure to dust mite allergen can cause asthma in susceptible children". (Source:http://www.epa.gov/iaq/asthma/triggers/mites.html). Vapor Systems are great for killing these unseen tyrants. Protect you pets and children from Dust mites. 

Operation: GREEN!

Sanitall does not use poisons to remove poisons. Our methods use 95% less water than traditional methods, and no chemicals, because we care about your health and the environment.