To Whom This May Concern,

We would like to give our references as to Sanitall Cleaning. We are very happy with their performance. Our Hydro Plant was very unappealing. After Santiall came in and did the overhaul cleaning with their machines, all we could say was "wow" what a difference this made. 

They are very dependable and are always on time and if for any reason they were going to be late a phone call would always be made. If you really need a cleaning service like Santiall we would give our full satisfaction and guarantee as to their full service and dependable cleaning. We appreciate their business and the way they keep things clean. 

If you should need any further references as to Santiall, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above number. 


AnnaMay K.
Plant Administrator
Grahamsville Hydro Stations  

I recently had to prepare a house for sale. There were a few problems to be addressed, the major one being the accumulation of mold and dampness.

Sanitall installed a Humidex system and vapor barrier, which made a tremendous difference in the air quality and of course, totally minimized the mold problem. They also cleaned all the surfaces inside with their 'steam' machines, using no strong chemical cleaners.

I am totally happy with the results and I also feel that the Humidex system will be a good selling point for the house.

Thank you,

Pam M.   

To any prospective Sanitall clients,

I have a second home in the Catskills that had not been cleaned properly/professionally for years. I got Sanitall's name through the phone book, not knowing what to expect and hoping for the best. Sanitall came promptly and did an outstanding job on my house - not cutting a single corner or missing a thing. When they were done the house felt new. I could not recommend their service more highly. 

Robert K.   

Dear Sanitall,

We are glad that your show went great. No surprise due to the fact that you are a wonderful person. We are getting the pitch done and the gutters. The basement is fantastic. There is no smell and the Humidex is working great. You did a great job on that basement and we have told some of our business associates about your work and company and your companies web site. 

Gary & Alison   

Dear Sanitall,

Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did with mold removal in the crawl space of my house. Your guys did a very thorough job of getting rid of the extensive mold and mildew and the difference in the air quality of my home is amazing. 

The plastic vapor barrier that was installed along with the Humidex air circulation system have also made a huge difference in reducing the damp, mildewy smell that existed in my upstairs area. The air in my home is much drier and, best of all, I don't use as much heat from my propane stove since the dampness is gone! I also suffered from allergies from the mold and my sinus problems have cleared up…I'm not sneezing all the time! Friends who always noted the mildewy smell in my house have also noticed a difference when they visit. 

This has made a huge difference in the quality of my life and I can't thank you enough. With winter here and the house closed up, I so appreciate having the place dry and mold free. I'm sure things will be mold-free for years to come, and I appreciate your expertise in the matter. 

Shelley B.
Lake Hill, NY 

Dear Sanitall, 

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the exceptional job your crew recently did for us at one of our residences. This was a situation where we needed your servie immediately. Once again, you cam through for us. I've utilized your services at another site about a year agao and I do have to say, we were quite pleased as well. We will defintely keep you in mind as the need arises.

Thanks again. 

Linda C.

We at Craig Thomas Pest Control are very pleased with our acquisition of your dry steam vapor system. Our service associates found it to be hotter, dryer and deeper penetration to control bed bugs than our other two machines. We also liked the continuous flow 24/7 ability to save us time and money. This machine does an outstanding job and is a perfect fit into our IPM program.


Craig Thomas, Owner
Craig Thomas Pest Control, Inc.