Home Steam Cleaning

Carpets, tiles, grout, furniture, mold spores, grease and grime.

Whether it is tile and grout, kitchen cleaning, or mattress cleaning, Sanitall pays close attention to detail when cleaning your home or business. 

Sanitall provides a uniquely detailed cleaning service. We work closely with our clients to design a cleaning program tailored to your specific needs. We explore the depths of your nooks and crannies and make sure that they are clean. 

Sometimes people need someone to come in and help them manage their material items and make their space more functional. If you have trouble throwing things away or know a hoarder please consider Sanitall. We work closely and sensitively with our clients help get rid of the clutter and make their space beautiful.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout tends to be more porous than tile and is usually a lighter color. The grout collects dirt that results in a dirty appearance that tends to be more noticeable. This dirt can be extremely hard to remove, even if the larger wall or floor tiles are successfully cleaned. Many people resort to chemicals and bleaches when cleaning tile grout. A better method for cleaning tile grout can be found through vapor steam cleaning. It’s chemical-free, and less labor intensive. Vapor steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean tile grout because the combination of heat and steam helps to safely and quickly loosen up and remove the dirt. The result is a tiled surface that has been returned to its original, clean like-new appearance.

Business and Office Cleaning

Sanitall would be happy to set up a cleaning schedule for your home or business. We can operate on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedules and offer a variety of options. Hire us for an initial deep cleaning or let us come in regularly to maintain your indoor environmental hygiene.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Hospitals are full of sick people and the immune compromised. It is important that these spaces be sanitized and disinfected. Harsh chemicals are not an option in these spaces as patients may be particularly sensitive to the strong ingredients. The Vesta Vapore Dry Steam Vapor Systems has been laboratory proven to clean and disinfect without any toxic chemicals. 

Schools and Churches

In the past few years serious legislation has been passed mandating that all K-12 schools in the state of New York stop using toxic chemicals to clean. https://greencleaning.ny.gov/Policies.asp

Gyms and Spas

Another high traffic area in need of clean sanitized surfaces, Sanitall works closely with various gyms and spas and provides a clean, sanitary, healthy space for these businesses. There are many high contact points in places like these that can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using Sanitall's methods.


-Auto Detailing

Post Construction

Sanitall provides completely chemical free post construction cleanup. We are committed to providing a clean indoor space without contributing to poor indoor air quality by using toxic chemicals.

Basement, Attics & Crawl Spaces


Sanitall provides cleaning services to virtually all restaurant areas. Our Vesta Vapore dry steam vapor systems use 220+ degrees of heat to disinfect all surfaces, eliminating bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella. These systems simultaneously melt grease and grime off all surfaces in the restaurant or kitchen.

Grease and Odors Removed

Sanitall uses Vesta Vapore Chemical Free Cleaning Equipment to thoroughly clean and remove grease, grime and odors from a variety of surfaces. By using these dry vapor systems we can penetrate deep into fabric, upholstery, carpeting, all flooring and surfaces to remove stored odors and literally melt away the grease.


Your pets can bring a variety of unwanted pests into the home. From fleas, to mites, dander, bugs and odors, Sanitall uses Vesta Vapore dry steam vapor systems to remove these unwanted pet side effects from your home.

Grease, Grime, Gum, Dirt

Sanitall uses Vesta Vapore's dry steam vapor systems which operate at over 200 degrees. The heat from this steam melts and eliminates grease and grime which is then wiped or vacuumed by a trained Sanitall technician.

Gum and graffiti removal

Sanitall’s Dry Vapor Steam system is so powerful that it will strip gum off of sidewalks and floors and remove unsightly graffiti from walls and windows.

Puff Back and Soot Cleanup

Puff backs normally occur in homes with oil heat. A puff back is a result of a faulty ignition switch on the home furnace. When the furnace fails to ignite properly oil fumes accumulate in the chamber of the furnace. If the ignition is stalled long enough the amount of fumes that gather will cause a small explosion when the pilot finally lights which then blows dust and soot through your vents/duct system into your home. 

This soot is a black and sticky substance. You must remove this dirty residue as soon as possible. There is also an odor that accompanies the soot. Sanitall uses Vesta Vapore's dry steam vapor system to remove the soot and odor from your home after a puff back occurs.